From the Coalition Against Hunger

The President’s proposed budget plan for SNAP would abandon the American commitment to ensure no child goes hungry in this country and would leave the unemployed, the elderly, and low-income working families more likely to struggle to put food on the table.

While some are dismissing the President’s budget, all indications are that the House of Representatives is considering similar cuts to SNAP in its budget resolution, which is expected later this month.

Phone calls are needed this week to influence House members before they head into a conversation about the House budget with their leadership on other caucus members on Friday. Find your representative’s phone number below (or click here to find your representative) and share this message:

“I am calling to urge Congressman _____________ to oppose any budget resolution or legislation that requires cuts or would change the structure of key programs – like SNAP – that help struggling families afford the basics, including food on the table, a roof over their heads, and access to health care.”

Bob Brady (PA-1): 202-225-4731
Dwight Evans (PA-2): 202-225-4001
Mike Kelly (PA-3): 202-225-5406
Scott Perry (PA-4): 202-225-5836
Glenn Thompson (PA-5): 202-225-5121
Ryan Costello (PA-6):  202-225-4315
Patrick Meehan (PA-7): 202-225-2011
Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-8): 202-225-4276
Bill Shuster (PA-9): 202-225-2431
Tom Marino (PA-10): 202-225-3731
Lou Barletta (PA-11): 202-225-6511
Keith Rothfus (PA-12): 202-225-2065
Brendan Boyle (PA-13): 202-225-6111
Michael Doyle (PA-14):  202-225-2135
Charlie Dent (PA-15): 202-225-6411
Lloyd Smucker (PA-16): 202-225-2411
Matt Cartwright (PA-17): 202-225-5546
Tim Murphy (PA-18): 202-225-2301
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