By Kristyn Bennett, EI blogger

Drop everything and listen up!

If you hadn’t already heard or attended opening ceremonies, this week marks a significant period within our LGBTQ community, specifically, in honor of trans folks, to place emphasis on their need for equity and justice.

Opening November 14th with a reception and youth panel and lasting until November 20th, Trans Awareness Week takes place in Philadelphia and across the US. Throughout the country, Trans Awareness Week is being held to provide not only awareness but equity and equality to the trans and gender non-conforming communities. A program created by Galaei for Trans Awareness Week called the Trans Equity Project will partner with several individuals and organizations to host informative events, entertaining markets and connective conversations surrounding the trans experience. Organizations and vendors plan to shed a light on the devastating challenges faced daily by trans people and gain support from those in attendance.

Programs to raise visibility for the trans community are represented by a dynamic and diverse group of people and are to include a clothing drive, entrepreneurial and start up event as well as powerful documentaries highlighting trans lives. Trans awareness week comes to a close on November 20th, in observance of the Trans Day of Remembrance, with a silent march to show support, create safe space for, and demand justice for people in the trans community, as well as those lost to violence. Come support, honor, learn, love, grow and create equity and community with us for Trans Awareness Week. We would love to hear your stories.

For more information and daily event schedule, be sure to visit Galaei’s Facebook page.

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