Board Profile

Karen Nichols

Philly native, Karen Nichols, has been advocating for older adults for over 20 years as a primary care doctor in West Philadelphia and as the current Medical director for Medicare Plans at AmeriHealth Caritas. Most of her professional career has been geared toward helping older adults remain independent, stay healthy and maintain their quality of life.

Focusing her career as a geriatrician, she helps older adults maintain a healthy and active lifestyle with varying levels of medical care accessibility. Guiding them to community resources and assistance programs when needed.

At AmeriHealth Caritas, she oversees clinical care, health care management and overall quality of care provided for Medicare recipients by the insurance plan.

Karen’s dedication to the older population is ingrained in her from her close connection with her Grandmother who suffered a stroke late in life, ending her ability to remain independent. Karen draws from these personal experiences when making new policies and caring for patients.

Karen was asked to join the LGBT EI board by current board member and longtime colleague Kevin Hook. The duo formerly worked together at LIFE (Living Independently for Elders) a program helping older adults stay in their communities. Her rich history and experience in taking care of the elder population made Karen an excellent addition to the LGBT EI board.

She believes working with the elder community is incredibly important because of their vulnerability, which only increases with disenfranchised groups like the LGBT+ community.

Karen received her undergraduate education in medical technology from Quinnipiac University, in Hamden Connecticut. She returned to Philadelphia for medical school and graduated in 88’ from Temple University School of Medicine.