<h1><span>Board Profile</span></h1>

Patricia Mckinley


Patricia’s journey as an advocate started at the Department of Human Services focusing on helping children and adults.

After receiving her MBA from La Salle University, she began working as a consultant in various fields. She noticed problems with how home healthcare agencies were delivering services. They lacked the consistency and quality care that seniors needed.

In 1997 she opened Around the Clock Home Health Care Services with her wife, Theresa Williams.

Combining Patricia’s knowledge of advocacy work and Theresa’s experience as a nurse, they focused on delivering quality care in the home for seniors and disabled individuals.

Patricia believed that our seniors are abundant with wisdom and experience that needs to be shared but they are often overlooked and not given the opportunity. This creates a marginalized group of elders which is only compounded when dealing with minority cohorts.

Having an understanding of what the elderly experience entails and being an aging baby boomer has made her an excellent addition to the Elder Initiative’s Board. LGBT elders have special needs and circumstances that service providers have to understand. They need to have their way of life respected while receiving quality care.

She believes in your freedom of expression and that love doesn’t stop when you need home health care. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, you deserve to be treated with dignity, love and respect.

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