Gettin' On

Gettin’ On

“Gettin’ On” is the LGBT Elder Initiative’s monthly column in the Philadelphia Gay News, examining topics of interest and importance to all members of the LGBT communities as we age.
LGBT older adults have faced lifetimes of discrimination, stigmatization, marginalization, and criminalization. As a result, we face unique issues and challenges to aging successfully.

Gettin’ On focuses on those issues and highlights resources and solutions that will help all members of the communities to age successfully at every age.
“Gettin’ On” is published in the print edition of PGN on the third Friday of each month.

“Gettin’ On” in PGN: When You Outlive Your Savings

By David Griffith Fifty years ago, the life expectancy of a person living in the United States was approximately 70 years. At that same time, the average member of the workforce was retiring at the age of 65. Today, thanks to great scientific and medical advancements...

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